The fun is in the idea

​​​​actually, several cookies. I was hosting a holiday cookie decorating party and didn’t have time to bake. I searched high and low but couldn't find an undecorated themed sugar cookie. What's a mom to do? The invitations were already sent and I needed to come up with a plan. 

That's when the idea sprang. I dusted off my cookie recipe, pulled out the cookie cutters and went to work. 120 cookies and a house full of smiles later, I hosted a successful cookie decorating party with cookies that I made myself. After it was over I realized the cookies were amazing, but more importantly I enjoyed the process.  

Thus, Yummy Tummy Custom Cookies was born. We now provide a variety of cookie options: custom decorated, edible image & logo cookies, and our original undecorated sugar cookie.

There was once a mom in need of a cookie...